Critique 17

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Critique 17


A friend of mine asked me if I could take this image and just crop it down to what would look good.  This is a hard thing to do sometimes, when it’s your image. I find it very difficult, sometimes to crop or alter photos that I have taken, because I have so much emotional connection to them. I often times will go out on a photo trip, then let the images sit on the hard drive for weeks or months at a time. Mainly so I disconnect myself with what I was experiencing when I made the image. I am getting better, I can now brutally purge images soon after I take them. So when my friend asked me to edit this, I completely understood. He didn’t set out to make this image, he liked the sunset and heard over his shoulder this set of geese flying in. He grabbed a different lens and popped off a burst to try and get something. I wish my luck was as good ;)

I took the image, cropped it down, added a ND filter from left to right and darkened that half of the image first, then a ND filter from right to left to lighten up the geese.

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  1. Jim Begley says:

    BTW, I really like the new look. Clean and Simple.
    Great info on the crop and the ND tricks….

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