Critique 14

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Critique 14


I like the image of the flowers and the sky, but I’m not quite sure about the building. The tonal range of this image is a little flat and there is a slight color cast to it. I don’t feel any depth to the image.

  1. The flowers need a little punch, they blend together and in effect get a little lost.
  2. The sky also needs a little contrast. I would love to see real turmoil in the sky to give me a since of calm with the flowers and turmoil.
  3. The building seems out of place. It’s either to in focus, not enough contrast or I can’t see the “front door” due to the overlap of flowers. There is no distinction.

I do like the vignette around the edges. I’ve made an attempt at adjusting it slightly. With the original you could do a lot more.

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