Critique 10

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Critique 10


This is a wow image: right time, right place, right light. A few things I’d adjust. I think a tighter crop would be better.

  1. This foreground is very bright and you eye goes here immediately. The subject should always be the brightest thing in your image. Rules are made to be broken. Sometimes you may think something in shadow or silhouette breaks the rule, but those things aren’t really the subject, the real subject is the light around them, a little mind blowing. This is not one of those cases. you want your eye to go straight to the osprey (I think).
  2. The green is WAY to green. I expect to see a leprechaun to pop out with a pot o’ gold, it’s that green.
  3. The background is a little to in focus. Hard to adjust in camera (unless you shoot birds for a living and know all the tricks).  You can use focal point or something similar to blur that up.

Here is cropped it down and make your eye focus on the bird. What a fantastic shot, bravo and thanks for sending it in!

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